Author: Agnes, Social Media Manager

Give yourself an attitude adjustment with these small changes you can make to change your mood.

1. Take stock of the good.

Every day, take the time to count the things you are grateful for – try jotting them down in a journal or reciting them in your head before bed or when you wake up. To keep your motivation running on high, keep them fresh by finding new things to be thankful for each day.

2. Imagine your ideal future.

Visualize your life at its optimal and see yourself at your best. Try creating a vision board with inspirational photos and sayings, and hang it in plain sight – use the visual cues to spur you to action.

3. Take action.

Stop waiting to live a fulfilling life. Boost your spirits by planning activities that you love – big and small – into your day. And don’t be afraid to try something new and challenging – working hard to accomplish a meaningful goal will boost your confidence and motivation to take on new challenges and persevere.

4. Watch your language.

Replace negative thoughts and words with optimistic yet realistic thoughts. Focus on the positive reasons for the lifestyle changes you’re making, such as better health, more energy and a boosted confidence – going after the positive is more inspiring than trying to escape the negative.

5. Build a strong social support network.

Research shows that maintaining positive relationships is one of the greatest predictors of happiness and success. Reach out to friends and family for support if you feel you need it. Ask a close friend to "punch" you (not literally), if you start speaking whinese again.